Neighboring Faction Update

Big update today but the main focus was on new tables for every non Major (now called Prime) factions.  This helps give some story and detail to the other folks in the world outside of your empire.

I also have been working on rewording some things to help with duplicate rolls so you may notice a few changes in the later Era tables as well.  Giving more options on each roll (either a tribe, cult, or hive for instance) seems to make a big difference.

The settlement table got a rework too, wording it to be more vague and allow for more options and creativity.




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Sep 15, 2021

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I love the new minor faction system. I have just one problem, my legendary monsters gain followers and cults faster than my gods (I am playing with slightly adjustet rules, so that minor factions get their end era turn, every turn). Maybe gods could also be regarded as minor factions and therefor get their own event table. Would love to see it, but I can understand if gods should not intervien in th lifes of mortals that often. Thanks in advance.