Big 3d6 Update

I've just uploaded a pretty hefty update to Mappa Imperium, adding the need for a third dice in eras 3,4, and 5.  Also adding a war table to spice up conflict a little more.

I noticed after seeing several maps and stories coming through (thank you for sharing) that the maps had a little too much open space and needed a bit more variety.  To help with this and add a little more depth I've added the larger tables, as well as set the standard game with a few more turns within each era.  This will crank up the play-time quite a bit, but will help build a more developed map.

I also changed wars and added a War! table.  I wanted to keep it simple and leave most of the story to the imagination but I think this new table will make wars a little more meaningful, and perhaps a bit more epic.

I want to thank everyone that has downloaded and played the game, and especially those that have shared your maps either here or the discord  (discord link:  

This has been far more popular than I ever imagined it would be. I'll keep at it trying to develop it further, just keep sharing your maps and stories!

Thanks again



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58 days ago

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Thanks for this update @Nookrium!

I know this is minor, but if possible on the next update {this doesn't need to be made an update on its own it is that minor} would it be possible to add the year amount to the Gameplay Overview sheet?  Something as simple as:

Era II: Burgeoning Kingdoms (50 y)

A follow up request in the same vein is to have a year tally for the game lengths?  ie:

A Short game has a Year To Date of 850, while the Epic has a YTD of 2400

These are miniscule additions, but would give players a quick idea of what length of game would yield a certain number of years?

Very fun game either way!